Vehicle washing machine of railway and car and manufacturing, sales, construction, and maintenance of carwash machine


  AST-1 Washing machine for TAXI

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The washing time of our equipment is 30 seconds per unit and the water consumption is 50 litres per unit, among the lowest figures for similar products in the industry. Furthermore, the running cost and environmental impact are low. Various major improvements were made prior to the release of our long-selling AST-1, which has a sophisticated structure and features. It thoroughly yet rapidly washes vehicles thanks to our newly-developed brush unit and new control system.Also, molten zinc plating is used for the frame of the machine, and aluminum‐zinc alloy‐coated steel sheet is used for the outside plating, as a standard specification for long-term hard use. A variety of options are also available in response to specifications of users such as a card system, a coin system, a POS system, and a failure data logger.