Vehicle washing machine of railway and car and manufacturing, sales, construction, and maintenance of carwash machine


     BIG CYCLONE Washing machine for bearings

Picture Cliek

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Our washing equipment for parts and large-size
bearings is amazing. The washing processing
capacity of bearings has reached the largest
in the world (37.5 seconds/PC)!
(Time could be shortened furthermore by
modified specifications.)Our newly-developed
high-pressure washing device "Cyclone Action"
removes any kind of smear (grease), establishing
a non-traditional washing capacity. An outer
surface whetting device with a so-called "rust-out"
function is included as standard equipment for a
rapid washing and whetting process
(37.5 seconds/PC).
A device to remove and filter iron powder in
washing water is also included as standard
equipment with the maximum consideration to
the environment.