Vehicle washing machine of railway and car and manufacturing, sales, construction, and maintenance of carwash machine



Model                               BS-28C  Washing machine for buses and trucks

Maximum size car wash Vehicle length  12000  ×  Vehicle width  2500  ×  Vehicle height  3800(㎜)
Machine size         Length  4325   ×  Width  5020  ×  Height  5100  (GL+)(㎜)

Side brush

※:(Side brush)

※Front・Rear(Side brush)

Size Diameter 900~1100 × Height 3600(㎜)  ※Common
Quantity       2Pc(The right and left1Pc)   ※Common
Rotating device       0.75kw  ×  2Pc   ※Common
Rampant equipment       0.4kw   ×   2Pc   ※Front・Rear brush
Motor movement       0.4kw   ×   2Pc   ※Front・Rear brush
Compressor       0.75kw  ×  1Pc   ※Entrance brush
Cleaning pump unit            Wash pump    2.2kw  ×  1Pc  
Total power            7.55kw   (3-phase 200v   50/60Hz)
Machine weight            3600kg  (Options are not included)