Our company thinks that it is a social obligation of the enterprise to recognize that individual information is an important individual property, and to protect this appropriately. Our company will observe the law and the rule concerning individual information to protect all individual information related to our business, work on protection of individual information, and declare.
Our company will declare Act for Protection of Computer Processed Personal Data held by Administrative Organs and other relating laws are observed, all individual information related to the business is handled accurately and safely, and information is defended.
2.Information protection purpose
I will declare the unlawful computer access to individual information, the loss of individual information or neither falsification nor the leakage is caused.
3.Individual information purpose of use
To reply, and to report from our company to the inquiry form inquiry
4.Offer and consignment of individual information to third party
Individual information is offered, and never never consigned to the third party, except when there is the person in questions agreement or is a valid reason. However, it is likely to offer it in the following cases. It makes it to the demand of indication from the law or the government agency to legal, and the case to consign a part of our business outside.
5.Arbitrariness of individual dissemination
An individual dissemination by the inquiry is the one by person in questions arbitrariness. However, when a necessary item cannot be offered, the inquiry form cannot be used.

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