Vehicle washing machine of railway and car and manufacturing, sales, construction, and maintenance of carwash machine


  MACS-REED Washing machine for TAXI

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The equipment can continuously wash 105 vehicles per hour by conveyor, handling the entire series of processes from washing to drying; no other process is necessary. Since the equipment is designed to wash about 500 vehicles a day, it has a stable washing capacity and low running cost. Also, as a result of automatic operation through sensor control, the driver need not get in or out of the vehicle during the washing process. (The sensor automatically detects the vehicle; no mechanical control is necessary.) Also, molten zinc plating is used for the frame of the machine, and aluminum‐zinc alloy‐coated steel sheet is used for the outside plating, as a standard specification for long-term hard use. A variety of options are also available in response to specifications of users such as a card system, a coin system, a POS system, and a failure data logger.