Vehicle washing machine of railway and car and manufacturing, sales, construction, and maintenance of carwash machine


     BIG CYCLONE α, for washing bearings and other parts

Picture Cliek

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For washing parts and large bearings
(axle bearings), our equipment delivers the
world's biggest processing capacity of 37.5
seconds per unit! The processing time can be
shortened further depending on the specifications.
Regardless of the kind of dirt or grease, the newly
developed high-pressure washing cyclone action
achieves washing performance impossible with
traditional equipment: residual oil and water drops
are less than 1%. Our washing equipment can
wash not just bearings but also other parts,
taking just 37.5 seconds per unit for the entire
process from washing to drying.
Moreover, the equipment includes a device to
remove iron powder from the washing water,
as well as a filtering device for the benefit of the