Vehicle washing machine of railway and car and manufacturing, sales, construction, and maintenance of carwash machine




  Model                                 BIG CYCLONE α for washing bearings and other parts

Washable dimensions          OD 116~330  ×  ID 70~200 × Height 9~180(㎜)
Equipment dimensions               Length   10600    ×    Width  3000  ×    Height  2800(㎜)
Main material of the equipment SUS304
Tank capacity

First degreasing tank   1100L
Second degreasing tank   1100L
Hot-water anti-rust washing tank   1100L

Water tank temperature     Indirect steam warming 80ºC
High-pressure washing equipment

First degreasing   7.5kW
Second degreasing   7.5kW
Third anti-rust   5.5kW

Total electric power 53.25kW (three-phase 200V, 50/60Hz)